How to reset a locked user account

If a user inputs an incorrect password too many times, or has forgotten their password and has subsequently locked their user account, a password reset will be required in order to allow the user to log into Issuetrak again.

As there are multiple methods a user account password is used to log into Issuetrak, there are different methods a password can be reset.


Third-Party Identity Management-Authenticated Accounts

As third-party passwords are not stored in Issuetrak, if the user account is locked on the identity provider's side, it will prevent login to Issuetrak.  Once the account has been unlocked/reset in the identity provider, the user will be able to log into Issuetrak.


Issuetrak Authenticated Accounts

If your instance of Issuetrak has its own separate password that is different than the Active Directory credentials, then there are two methods that a user's password can be reset to allow for the user to log in after the account has been locked.

  • Have an Administrator or User Administrator perform a manual password reset.
  • Have the user perform a Self-Help Password Reset if the option is enabled.

You can also refer to this article in order to confirm that Self-Help Password Reset is enabled and instructions on how to perform a password reset.