Introduction to the Issuetrak Deployment Manager (IDM)

Issuetrak 11.0 introduced the Issuetrak Deployment Manager (IDM) as the new graphical interface for deploying Issuetrak. This tool replaced the installer provided in previous releases. The IDM still provides a friendly wizard-style front-end, but it contains several enhancements over our previous installation tool.

The IDM can:

  • Deploy the API during installation of a new site
  • Install or upgrade a single site, or multiple sites at one time
  • Deploy only the database, web, services, or all contexts of an Issuetrak instance (at your discretion)
  • Automatically back up and restore databases and web files as part of a deployment
  • Generate a JSON file that can be exported for manipulation later
  • Display current utilization of site resources and licensed users

We recommend the use of the IDM for most of our on-premises customers.

If a more involved level of control is desired for the deployment of Issuetrak within your environment, please consider using the Issuetrak Deployment Utility (IDU) instead.

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