Issuetrak Release Notes

Issuetrak 11.0 Release Notes
release date: 5.14.2018

Issuetrak is very proud to introduce Issuetrak 11.0. Our newest release brings with it a set of powerful new tools for deploying and upgrading Issuetrak. This article provides a brief outline of the new items introduced with 11.0, as well as a table of contents for accessing the documentation related to this release. This release does not change the overall user experience, as it primarily deals with behind-the-scenes changes to how Issuetrak is deployed in your environment.

You can jump to the 11.0 Table of Contents here.

If you are an existing customer ready to upgrade to the latest version of Issuetrak, please review all release details carefully, as there are significant changes that may impact your ability to upgrade at this time.

What's New

This release focuses on the deployment of Issuetrak. The Issuetrak Deployment Utility (IDU) and the Issuetrak Deployment Manager (IDM) have been developed with the system administrator in mind. These tools replace the deployment application that we provided with our previous releases.

Issuetrak Deployment Utility (IDU)

The Issuetrak Deployment Utility (IDU) is a versatile command line utility for deploying Issuetrak. The IDU gives you granular control over the deployment process, and provides verbose output to a console window so that you know exactly what's happening during deployment. The IDU is recommended for the system administrator that needs a high degree of control over how Issuetrak is deployed in their environment.

The IDU requires proficiency with PowerShell or the Command Prompt on Windows Server. If a more familiar graphical installation or upgrade experience is desired, then please consider using the Issuetrak Deployment Manager (IDM).

Issuetrak Deployment Manager (IDM)

The Issuetrak Deployment Manager (IDM) is the graphical front-end for the IDU that provides a friendly step-by-step “wizard” for installing or upgrading Issuetrak, while still retaining flexibility and a fair degree of control over the deployment. We recommend the IDM for deployment in most On-Premises environments.

API Installation

Previous releases of Issuetrak require manual installation of the API. Manual installation of the API for 11.0 and above is no longer required or supported. Both of the new deployment tools outlined above can now be used to deploy the API. The IDU can be used to deploy the API during an upgrade or installation of Issuetrak, while the IDM currently provides the option to deploy the API only during the installation of Issuetrak. If the API is already present in your site prior to upgrading, then it will automatically be upgraded along with the rest of the site.

Improved Security

Access to the SQL server's filesystem from the Web server is no longer required during deployment.

SQL Agent Jobs

SQL agent jobs are no longer used. They have been replaced with scheduled tasks.

What's Fixed

Asset Management

▪    Sites with Asset Management enabled would redirect to either a 404 error or a login page when attempting to edit a Software Purchase.


▪    Auto-assignments were not processing for agents in qualifying organizations when the Submitter's Organization field was left blank.

Custom Screens

▪    When text UDFs were configured as required fields in custom screens, the presence of double quotes would prevent issues from being submitted successfully.

Export to Excel

▪    Text UDFs and Large Text UDFs containing emdashes or endashes were not appearing properly in exported Excel reports.

▪    Line breaks in the Issue Description field were not being carried over when exported to Excel.

▪    Special Function fields were not showing in Detail Output to Excel when they were supposed to be present.

Global Issues

▪    Global Issues were updating values for linked issues when they shouldn't have.

Issue Auditing

▪    Changes to data within Large Text UDFs were not being recorded properly in the Issue Change Log, when enabled.

Issue Search

▪    Issue searches containing question marks were causing an error, preventing search results from being returned.

▪    The “Search All” field present on the Search Issues and Search Articles screens was renamed to either “Search All Three” or “Search Both”, depending on whether the Solutions field is enabled.


▪    End users were unable to see the Closed By field in notifications when it was supposed to be present.

Scheduled Tasks

▪    Scheduled tasks will now process multiple sites at once.


▪    New user accounts were not being created when leaving the UserID field blank on the New Caller screen.

Known Issues

Outgoing Email

▪    Sites attempting to utilize TLS authentication with Outgoing Email will be unable to do so, and will see RC code 13 in the outbound email log.

Unassigned Issues

▪    Quick picks that are configured to assign issues to the issue submitter are leaving issues unassigned when the submitter is not an agent.

Launching the IDM

▪    The IDM may freeze up on “Checking .NET Framework version”. It is necessary to unblock the file “GetDotNetBuildNumber.ps1” in the distribution folder called Issuetrak.Deployment.Manager to prevent this.

Issuetrak 11.0.1 Release Notes
release date: 7.17.2018

What's Fixed

Active Directory

▪     The Mobile/SMS Email value (if populated) in user records was being cleared when users were imported or updated from Active Directory.

Business Rules

▪     Escalation rules would no longer fire after the Required By date was changed to a new value.

▪     The Windows scheduled task for Issue Escalation was not running at 15-minute intervals until 12:00AM on the day following an upgrade to Issuetrak 11.0.

Deployment Tools

▪     It was possible for a deployment of Issuetrak to report that it had completed successfully without having started the site in IIS.

▪     The Issuetrak distribution was being blocked in some On-Premise environments, preventing full functionality of the deployment tools.

▪     The presence of an FTP site in IIS prevented the IDU from functioning properly.


▪     Outbound email utilizing TLS encryption was failing to authenticate with any designated SMTP server.

▪     Calendar deadline reminders were not sending when particular settings were selected.


▪     It was possible for the entire Notes area of several issues to be hidden due to collapsing the Notes section in a single issue.

▪     The Email Issue feature allowed users to view issues that they did not normally have the ability to access.

▪     When an issue was submitted via Quick Pick, and a matching Auto Assign was found, the Quick Pick's Assigned To field was overriding the Auto Assignment rule.

▪     It was possible for users to submit issues with invalid or restricted issue types.

▪     Private Large Text UDF fields were being truncated when they contained a quote and their associated issue was updated by a user without permission to see private UDFs.

▪     Recurring Issues that had been copied were not retaining the class of the original Recurring Issue.

▪     It was possible for users to download attachments associated with issues that the user did not have access to.

▪     If the Priority field was being used in issues, it would be blanked out after a user added a note.

Issue Search

▪     It was unclear how search criteria should be entered to search Text UDFs, so a hover tooltip to help users with determining search criteria has been added to the Issue Search page.

Outbound Email

▪     It was not possible to use outbound email authentication and TLS in conjunction with the following features:
         ▪     Email Issue
         ▪     Email KB Article
         ▪     Survey Invitations
         ▪     Scheduled Reports


▪     When a ProjectID containing a hyphen and space was selected from the type-ahead search, a pop-up reading “No matching records found.” would display.

Quick Picks

▪     When searching for Quick Picks, the type-ahead feature was only displaying results matching the first word in Quick Pick titles.


▪     The fields “Billing Line Item Adjusted Rate” and “Billing Line Item Comment” were missing from the Issues / Service Contracts data set.

▪     Audited assets were reporting the Specified Model instead of the Audited Model.

▪     Scheduled reports based on a saved search containing references to “Ever Assigned To” were not taking the “Ever Assigned To” selection into consideration.

▪     Exported reports containing the Submitted Time field were displaying incorrect information in that field compared with the actual Submitted Time as it was displayed in the Issue View.


▪    The auto-suggest feature was failing to appear under certain conditions when editing tasks in the Task Manager.
▪    Large numbers of tasks in an issue could degrade browser performance when viewing the issue.

User Interface

▪     Internet Explorer 11 would not render Issuetrak correctly unless Compatibility View was turned off.

▪     An error would display when a user clicked “Expanded List” in the Issue Types administration menu.

▪     The time was omitted from several issue lists throughout the product.

Visibility Controls

▪     It was possible for a user to view private KB articles without having the permission to do so.

▪     It was possible for users to view Substatus information about issues that they should not have had access to.

▪     It was possible for users to view information about Organizations that they should not have had access to.

▪     The Copy/Clone Issue feature allowed users to view issues that they did not normally have the ability to access.

Web Forms

▪     A new system user has been added to Issuetrak to allow Issuetrak to interoperate with the Web Forms Processing Service.

Upgrade Process


If you are an on-premises customer, you can learn more about the upgrade process here.

Before installing this update, please verify that your installation environment meets the latest system requirements.

If you utilize the Issuetrak RESTful API, it will be automatically upgraded when you upgrade Issuetrak.


If you are a cloud customer, you can receive this update as needed to address reported issues and to assist with troubleshooting. Otherwise, the upgrade will be applied for you automatically to ensure the best possible Issuetrak experience.

You may also request the update for your site by contacting our Support Team at 888-789-8725 (US & Canada), +1 757-213-1351 (International), or

Additional Resources

The following resources are available to help address any questions or problems you might have as well as help you configure your Issuetrak site as effectively and efficiently as possible:

You can also connect with us and other Issuetrak customers through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn or subscribe to our Company Blog for ongoing tips, tricks, and other useful information.

Product Documentation

Issuetrak product documentation is available at our Product Documentation article. This includes all current Release Notes, Admin & User Guides, and Installation & Upgrade Guides.

If the Online Help feature is enabled within your Issuetrak site, your users can also click the “?” located in the upper right of their Issuetrak user interface to open and search Admin & User Guide information in a web-based format. By default, this feature is automatically “Enabled for All Users” during installation but can be “Enabled for Licensed Users Only” or “Disabled” through your Administration > System > System Settings > System Defaults.

However, please keep in mind that a user must have at least one of the following permissions in order to access both Admin & User Guide content directly through their Online Help interface:

  • Sys Admin
  • Can access and maintain Administration functions
  • Allowed Read Only access to Administration information

All other users can access only User Guide content through their Online Help interface.

Technical Support

Our Support Team is happy to assist you with any technical questions or concerns. You can contact Support at 888-789-8725 (US & Canada), +1 757-213-1351 (International), or

More importantly, please keep in mind that every Issuetrak customer is entitled to exceptional and award-winning technical support and customer service through their Maintenance Plus Agreement, including:

  • Unlimited email, phone, and remote technical assistance during our standard Hours of Operation
  • Emergency technical assistance for system-critical issues outside our standard Hours of Operation
  • Unlimited access to our Technical Support Knowledge Base (KB) 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Unlimited access to all new releases and service packs as they become available

Our standard Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (ET/GMT-5). In addition, at least one member of our Support Team is always “on call” to assist you with any system-critical issues 24/7.

To report system-critical issues that occur outside of our standard Hours of Operation, please call the Support line and speak to our 24/7 answering service. A member of our Support Team will return your call as soon as possible.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services Team offers a variety of configuration, implementation, and consulting services, including:

  • JumpStarts (for new customers) and TuneUps (for existing customers)
  • Administrator Training and User Training
  • Data Import Assistance

Please see our Consulting Services Overview for more information, or contact our Pro Services Team at 866-477-8387 (US & Canada), +1 757-213-1330 (International), or

Last Modified: 07 / 17 /2018

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