About the Surveys Module

Web Surveys is an add-on to Issuetrak that allows you to construct Web surveys, deploy them, and then analyze the results.

Activating Surveys

Activating the Surveys add-on is easy:

  1. Sign into Issuetrak with a Sys Admin account.
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of Issuetrak.
  3. In the Settings lightbox that appears, click Surveys under the Tools menu.
  4. On the page that appears, check the box next to Activate Web Surveys Module.
  5. Click Update.

The next time you go to the Settings lightbox and click on Surveys, you will be taken to the Surveys area of the product.

The surveys add-on is integrated with Issuetrak in a variety of ways. When creating a survey, the Administrator decides whether users can respond anonymously, or if a login will be required.

Once a survey has been created, a link to the survey can either be provided automatically based on issue closure, sent manually, or included as a link on a web page.

Surveys do not need to only be a process to monitor Issuetrak issues, surveys can also be used as a method to send questionnaires or messages for specific purposes while at the same time being able to collect the responses and report upon them from within Issuetrak, without them being associated with anything else in the Issuetrak product.

The overall creation and usage of surveys follow several distinct phases each of which is described in the following table and their associated articles.

Phase Description
Planning & Design The look and feel of surveys are created using over 20 optional field types, such as multiple-choice, open-ended responses, and matrices.
Deployment Determine how a survey is to be provided to a user, is it on issue closure, a web link, or a pop-up?
Reporting Create filters or reports to help organize the responses received, either through the Surveys module or Report Writer.
Closing Once a survey is complete it can be closed, deleted, or reset.

Only system administrators and users with the “Can access and maintain Surveys Module functions” user attribute will be able to view and access the Surveys menu option from the Home Menu.