Using Global Issues to Submit Multiple New Issues

The steps below will allow you to add one or more new issues containing the same information as the new global issue. This process is sometimes referred to as Firestorm.


  1. From the view of the Global issue, click Global Issue Options in the left-hand menu.
  2. Select Submit New Issues to Link under the Linked Issues section.
  3. Choose an option from the drop-down to submit a new issue based on Asset, Location, Organization, User, or Custom Record Table Field 1.
    • The value entered as the submitter for the issue varies depending on the option selected.
      • The User option will enter the user selected as the issue's submitter.
      • The Location, Asset, or Custom Record Table Field 1 options will enter the logged-in user as the Issue's submitter.
      • The Organization option will enter the Contact User for that Organization as the Issue's submitter.
    • Once selected, a list with search options will appear to help you locate and select the values desired.

When submitting new issues based on Organization, only those Organizations with a valid Contact User will be included in the list. This value is required as it will be used as the issue submitter.

  1. After your appropriate values have been selected, click Submit New Issues.

  2. Click OK on the prompt to create the issues.

A confirmation message will appear when this process is complete.

A maximum of 200 issues may be submitted at one time. If you need to submit over 200 issues, please split them into batches of 200. Any records which already have issues linked to the Global Issue will not be available to select when submitting new issues on the Global Issue Options page.

Issuetrak will not send email notifications on Submit when issues are created via these steps. Since this has the potential to create hundreds of issues all at once, there is the potential to generate a large number of emails.

If email notifications need to be sent for all of the issues being created via these steps, you could create the issues and then add a note to the Global issue. As long as the users on the subscribers list have On Note selected and the global issue is set to add notes to linked issues on change, they should get the notification for the issue.