Dashboard Settings

This sub-menu option allows you to define your personal Dashboard preferences. Below is a walkthrough of this screen from top to bottom:

  1. Select the Dashboard Panel you want to add to your Dashboard from the "Select a Panel" drop down.
  2. Click Add to Left Column or Add to Right Column as appropriate.
  3. Move the panel to its appropriate display order within the right or left column by manipulating the miniature buttons within the panel.
    1. The UP arrow moves the panel up on the Dashboard.
    2. The DOWN arrow moves the panel down on the Dashboard.
    3. The red X removes the panel from the Dashboard.
  4. Repeat these steps for any additional panels you want to add.
  5. Click Save to save the layout, OR...
    1. If you are a Sys Admin and you are setting up the default Dashboard layout for all users, click Set as Default.
    2. If you are a Sys Admin and you are setting up the dashboard to your own preference, click Set as My Dashboard.

Default Dashboard Layout

If a Sys Admin sets a default Dashboard layout, it will affect only users that have not set their Dashboard preferences.