Merging Duplicate Assets


If an asset has been duplicated and you would like to merge two records with different Asset IDs into one record, then you should use the Merge Duplicate Assets tool.  This tool will allow you to select the asset to keep (ie. the primary asset) and the asset to remove (ie. the secondary asset).  The merge will result in the primary asset having all of the history records, issues, and audits that were associated with the secondary asset.


In order to merge assets:

  1. Sign into Issuetrak as a Sys Admin.
  2. Navigate to Modules --> Asset Management.
  3. Along the lefthand menu, choose Merge Duplicate Assets within the Assets menu.
  4. Select the Asset to Keep.
  5. Select the Asset to Remove.
  6. Verify that you have selected the correct asset for each field.
  7. Click Merge.