Billing Module UDFs


Customers that utilize the Billing Module have the option of creating UDFs for Products and Services.  This requires Administrative privileges.  In order to find and maintain these UDFs, navigate to Modules --> Billing along Issuetrak's top navigation bar, click Products/Services along the lefthand side, then choose User Defined Fields.  

Three UDFs can be defined for the Billing Module, and they are all Text UDFs.  These cannot be changed to Date or Table-driven UDFs.  

To activate one of these UDFs, simply enter a value in the field and then click Update.  The field will then be added with the label you entered on the Products/Services screen.  

To inactivate a UDF, remove the corresponding label you set for it and then click Update.  The field will be removed from the Products/Services screen.  

Applies To:

Issuetrak 9.9+