ScanPC Bypass URL


Issuetrak 10.3.12 introduced the ability to designate a ScanPC Bypass URL for Issuetrak sites that use Asset Management with ScanPC/TrakPC and meet any of the below criteria:

  • The site uses a URL rewrite to proactively change all HTTP requests to HTTPS
  • The site only has an HTTPS binding
  • The site uses AD SSO
  • The Application URL uses HTTPS


Before this option is set, it is necessary to have a site that will accept HTTP POST transmissions from client machines running ScanPC. You can follow the steps below to find and set the ScanPC Bypass URL option below:

  1. While signed into Issuetrak with a Sysadmin account, click on the gear icon in the far upper right corner.
  2. Along the lefthand side, click Features.
  3. Under the Asset Management area, check the box next to ScanPC Bypass URL.
  4. Set the Bypass URL to the site that will be used to receive ScanPC information.
  5. Click Update.
  6. Run ScanPC from a client machine and ensure that the audit results were successfully transmitted to Issuetrak.

Applies to:

  • Issuetrak 10.3.12+
  • Sites utilizing Asset Management
  • Sites utilizing ScanPC/TrakPC