Using the Password Migration Tool for Upgrades to Issuetrak 10.3


Issuetrak 10.3 introduces changes to the way passwords are stored in Issuetrak. These changes improve the security of the application.

Due to the amount of time it would add to the upgrade process, pre-existing account passwords in Issuetrak will not automatically be migrated to the new storage method. If you want to have the latest security enhancements right away, we have created a tool that will assist in migrating pre-existing account passwords in bulk.

As pre-existing users log into Issuetrak post upgrade, their accounts will be updated to fit this new system. New users added to Issuetrak post upgrade to 10.3 will adhere to the new password storage method. Appropriately, users whose passwords have already been migrated will not be included in the process outlined below.


To launch the Password Migration tool, run the “Issuetrak.Deployment.PasswordMigration.exe” file located in the “Issuetrak.PasswordMigration” folder within the Issuetrak Distribution.

The tool will appear in a command window when launched.


The tool will first ask you to provide the path to the web.config file.


Next, the tool will calculate the amount of time it takes to migrate the passwords for your userbase. The estimation is based on migrating 10 of your users, taking system resource and the passwords themselves into account.


After calculating the time required to migrate all passwords, the tool will ask you to specify how long you want the process to run for in minutes (entering 10 will equate to 10 minutes). This allows you to easily integrate the password migrations into pre-existing maintenance windows and to minimize the impact of the tool on system resources.


The tool will take the minutes allotted and split the userbase into batches of users per minute. The tool will then provide updates every minute on the status of the password migrations, keeping you informed of how many were migrated and the percentage completion. A final summary will be provided once the allotted time has elapsed.

Splitting the work into batches of passwords per minute allows for the tool to preserve completed work in the event the tool is interrupted. If an interruption occurs in the running of the tool, progress on the current batch of passwords will be lost. All previous batches that were migrated successfully will remain so.

You can run the tool as many times as you need to migrate all accounts. Once there are no accounts to migrate, the tool will inform you accordingly.

Applies To

Issuetrak 10.3+