Sending a Survey Automatically

A survey may be sent out as each issue closes, when the Nth issue closes, or when issue values match criteria specified. The submitter for the issue will receive the survey invitation via email. This email will contain a link to the survey form. When the survey is completed the results of the survey are stored within Issuetrak. To view the results of the survey, navigate to Modules > Surveys > Work with Surveys, and next to the specific survey you want to see results for, click the purple arrow next to Results.

To set up this functionality, select the Surveys menu option. You should have at least one survey created before beginning this process.


Specify default email text

Select Modules > Surveys > Invitations submenu option. Compose the message to be sent for your survey invitations. The token text “<< Link for survey response will be generated here >>” appears in the body of the email as a placeholder. Position this text in the body of the email where you would like the survey link to appear. The actual link will be generated when the survey invitation is sent. No matter what customization you define –this text should not be removed– the link for the survey will not be in the survey invitation without it. When you are satisfied with your text, click the Save button.


Select a survey

When you have created one or more surveys, the List All menu option will display the Survey Summary screen (under the Surveys menu option). This screen displays all available surveys. Click the Add Rule link next to the survey(s) you wish to send automatically and select any criteria desired.


Specify when to send the survey

Options for determining when a survey will be sent are shown in the bottom portion of the Survey Rules screen. Simply set the Issue Interval value and other values (if appropriate) for when a survey should be sent. If you would like a survey to follow every closed issue, set Issue Interval to one and leave the other fields blank. To cancel automatic sending, set the interval to zero.


Sending a Survey to Multiple Users

By utilizing the User Search screen, a particular survey may be sent out to several users at once. Select the Search Users option from the Administration menu and enter the search criteria to return the set of users you would like to survey. Then select the Email Survey Invitations User List output option and click Search.

A screen allowing you to compose the survey invitation email message will be displayed. The Default Invitation Message defined in Surveys > Invitations will appear by default but can be modified from this screen for the invitation to the users returned in your User Search.

Choose the survey you would like to conduct and compose your email message placing the “<< Link for survey response will be generated here >>“ token where you would like the survey link to appear. The final link will be generated as the invitation is processed.

To view the list of users who will receive the survey invitation, click the View Search Results link.