AD - Performing a Search Test


We recommend performing a Search Test to ensure all the values are mapped properly. A Search Test will connect to the server as if a user is being authenticated. It will return any user information and Issuetrak-related AD Group/OU memberships found.



Scroll to the ‘Search Test’ section of the Active Directory Server Information screen.


Enter an AD User ID from this server in the field provided. (Password is not required.)


Click Search.


A User Search Test window should appear. The user's organization and any other Issuetrak-related memberships or corresponding templates will be displayed in the grid towards the bottom. If this information has been translated correctly, close the User Search Test window.


If this information has not been translated correctly, review the details of the User Search Test window to ensure the user has the appropriate memberships within AD. Then verify all the determining memberships are mapped correctly in the Active Directory Server Information screen. Then Search Test the user again. If you cannot achieve a successful translation, please contact our Support Team for assistance at 757-213-1351, or

Applies To:

Issuetrak 9.9+