Adding specifications of the AD server



Navigate to Administration > Active Directory > Server List > Add.


Enter the computer name or DNS name in the server field.


Enter the fully distinguished domain name of the connection user in the User DN field.


Enter the password for the connection user in the field provided.


Verify the domain in which the server resides appears accurately in the field provided. This field pre-populates as the connection user is entered. If the domain which appears is incorrect, the User DN is incorrect. This section of the Active Directory Server Information screen should now appear similar to the following example:


If multiple AD servers exist within this domain, enter the search order for this server.


If SSL should be used when connecting to this server, select Use SSL and enter the SSL port number and Global Catalog SSL port number in the fields provided.


Click Update to save these settings. The message “Server successfully added” will appear when the record has been saved.


Click Test Connection.

A Connection Test window should appear and the message “Connection Test Successful” should be displayed at the bottom. If so, close the Connection Test window. You will be returned to the Active Directory Server Information screen where you can complete the mapping.

If the message “Connection failed” is displayed instead, the specification(s) causing the failure should be identified in red within the Connection Test window. Attempt to correct these specifications in the Active Directory Server Information screen. Then click Update. Test the connection again. If you cannot achieve a successful connection, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

Applies To:

Issuetrak 9.9+