Promoting Issues


The settings in Administration > System > System Settings > Features under Global Issues will determine what events/information are copied to the Linked Issues. This can be overridden for a specific Global Issue if needed.

Which users can see an issue once it becomes Global is controlled by viewing permissions set in the issue record.

Only Agent users are able to promote or link existing issues. End Users will only be able to Submit new issues linked to the Global Issue if they are granted permission to see the Global Issue on their My Issues screen.


  1. From the View Issue screen of the issue you are promoting, click Promote to Global in the Issue Detail sub-menu options to the left.
  2. Define which users can see and access this Global Issue from their My Issues screen and any available reporting mechanisms on the screen that opens when promoting the issue. The below options will be available in the Viewing Permissions section:
    • All users with access to this Issue
      • This option can be selected in addition to one of the below options.
    • All users in the global issue’s organization
    • Only Agents in the global issue’s organization
    • All users in all organizations
    • Only Agents in all organizations
  3. Use the Linked Issue Options section to determine what information/events will be copied to linked issues.
    • If Tasks are enabled for the site, the Copy tasks to newly created linked Issues? option will allow all Tasks on the Global Issue to be copied to newly created linked Issues.
    • The Override default field update settings for linked Issues? option allows you to bypass all field update options for this Global Issue.
  4. Click Promote.
  5. (Optional) If related issues have already been submitted, locate those issues by selecting the Search for Issues to Link option. When selected, an issue list with search options will appear to help you locate and select the issues you wish to link.
  6. Click Link Selected Issues to process your selections.

A confirmation message will appear when this process is complete. The Global Issue Options will now appear in this issue’s Issue Detail sub-menu options. Using this option, you may link and unlink issues, change user viewing permissions or demote the issue at any time.