Activating Tasks


When activating tasks, you have several additional options available. Only users with the  Sys Admin   parameter can activate Tasks and their additional options.



Go to Administration > System > System Settings > Optional Fields.


Click the checkbox next to  Tasks  and any relevant task options:

a. Activate Secure Task Completion: If checked, clicking the link to complete a task will require the current user to enter their password. If the proper password is supplied, the task is completed. If the proper password is not supplied after a set number of attempts, the user is logged out of the system. This option will not be available if Issue Lockdown is activated since Issue Lockdown includes this feature. This is not normally a recommended setting.

b. Task Completed By Assignee Only: If checked, tasks can only be completed by the user they are assigned to, a member of the group they are assigned to or the Sys Admin.

c. Activate Popup Time Entry: If checked, completion of any Task will generate a popup window for the entering of Labor Hours and associated Labor Notes.


Click  Update. 

The message  Parameters successfully updated  will display upon completion and Tasks will appear as an option in the Administration Menu.