Editing Service Agreements


Only users with Sys Admin or Can access and maintain Administration functions permissions can add, edit or delete Service Agreements within your system.

  1. Go to Administration > SLAs > Agreements.
  2. Click the number next to the Service Level that contains the Agreement you are modifying.
  3. Click edit next to the Agreement in the Client List that appears.
  4. (Optional) Before making any other changes on the Edit Service Level Agreement screen, use the View/Maintain Distribution List link to add or change member settings on this SLA’s Email Distribution List:
    • Setting Description
    • Response Reminder 1st Response term halfway over
    • Response Final 1st Response term exceeded (Out of Compliance)
    • Resolve Reminder Resolution term halfway over
    • Resolve Final Resolution term exceeded (Out of Compliance)

SLA-based Notifications are automatically sent to an issue’s Assignee and Next Action by default, and thus do not need to be added to the distribution list.

  1. Make your changes in the Edit Service Level Agreement screen.

  1. Click Update.

A confirmation message will appear when this process is complete.