Adding Service Terms


Compliance is calculated (and re-calculated if relevant Terms change) from date and time an issue is submitted and only during Coverage times. Hours of Operation are not affected by Terms, nor do they have any effect on Terms. All Total Time Open and Escalations still accrue based on Hours of Operation.

The following steps must be repeated for every Service Level you have added to your system.


Go to Administration > SLAs > Service Levels and click terms next to the Service Level that is to contain the terms you are adding.


Define the response, resolution and coverage times that apply at this Service Level for each Severity using the Service Level Terms screen that opens:


Select a Severity from the drop-down.


Enter maximum (first) Response and Resolution times for issues with this Severity.

Response is first non-Private Note added by any user other than Submitter.


Define Coverage availability for issues with this Severity. If 24 hours a day, select Enable 24 Hour Support. Otherwise, select availability through Days and Times.


Click Add Terms. The message Terms were successfully added will display and the terms will appear in the Terms List at the top when the save is complete.


Repeat Steps 2-a through 2-d until terms for every Severity appear in the Terms List.


Define any specific dates (e.g. holidays) that are to be excluded from Coverage terms at this Service Level using the Terms List:


Click exempt days next to the Severity’s terms.


Define all Exempt Dates for issues with this Severity in the popup window that opens. If all Hours of Operation Dates Closed, select Use Hours of Operation Dates Closed. Otherwise—or in addition to all Dates Closed —select and describe these dates through the Calendar search and Comment fields.


Click Update.

The Exempt Dates popup will close and the message Exempt Dates successfully updated will display when the update is complete.

Repeat Steps 3-a through 3-c until all exempt days are added through the Terms List.

If you would like to review the complete list of terms that now exist within your system, you may go to Administration > SLAs > Service Levels > Expanded List.