Adding and editing Subtypes 2, 3 and 4


To add new Subtypes or change existing Subtype properties:

  1. From the Edit Issue Type screen, select the desired level  link next to the appropriate subtype level. The Edit Issue Subtype screen for level will then appear.

CAUTION: If you make any changes on this screen, do not use the level  links until after you have clicked Update or the changes will not be saved.

  1. To change any existing Subtype-related properties, use the Active checkbox and the notify, Tooltip and/or restrict links next to the appropriate subtype level.

  2. To add a new Subtype, enter the display order and title for this New Level. To include a Tooltip with the new subtype 2, enter the Tooltip text. To display this tip only to Agent users, select Display this tip to Agents only.

  3. Click Update.