Editing Issue Types/Subtypes


BEST PRACTICE: When possible, always deactivate instead of delete for data integrity.


Navigate to Administration > Issue Types > List All (or Expanded List).


Click the edit link next to the issue type. The Edit Issue Type screen will then appear.

If you make any changes on this screen, do not use the level 2 links until after you have clicked Update or the changes will not be saved. Maintaining subtype levels 2, 3 and 4 is described in the following section, Adding and editing subtypes 2, 3 and 4.


To change the title, modify the Issue Type.


To change the order among other issue types in related lists and drop-downs, modify the Display Order.


To deactivate, unselect Active.


To define or change the displayed and required fields for issues with this type, select a Custom Screen. If no Custom Screen is selected, the Default Screen defined in Features will be applied. In either case, you may use the preview link to see how the Submit, View, Edit and/or Close Issue screens appear for this type.


To define or change the organizations and/or groups that are allowed to view and select this type, use the add and remove links in the Restrict To section. Only members of the listed Organization(s) and/or Group(s) will be able to view and/or select this issue type.


To define or change third party (not Submitter, Enterer, Assignee and/or Next Action) email notifications for issues with this type, use the View/Maintain Distribution List link.


To define or change the trak tip message or its properties, use the Add/Edit Trak Tip link. If no text is entered in the ‘Trak Tip_ field, no trak tip * link will be displayed next to this issue type.


To change any existing Subtype 1-related properties, use the Active checkbox and the notify, trak tip and/or restrict links next to the appropriate level 1 subtype.


BEST PRACTICE: When possible, always deactivate instead of delete for data integrity.


To add a new Subtype level 1 to this issue type, enter the display order and title for this New Subtype. To include a trak tip with the new subtype, enter the Trak Tip text. To display this tip only to Agent users, select Display this tip to Agents only.


Click Update.

The message Issue Type successfully updated will then appear.

Issue types and subtypes can be added and edited by any user with Sys Admin or Can Access and Maintain Administration functions permissions.

The steps described here are based on default issue and issue type labels with all related capabilities activated. Your system's labels and available options may vary.