Issue-Based Distributions



Open the issue record in View or Edit mode.


Select the View/Maintain Distribution List link. This will open the Notification List screen. The current Default and value-based Distributions that apply to this issue are displayed in read-only format at the bottom of this screen.


If you want to add a new Distribution List member, click Add new user. In the Select User window that appears, click the user’s Display Name. This window will then close and the message User successfully added will be displayed.


If you want to change an existing Distribution List member’s notification settings, click the edit link next to their Display Name. In the Edit Notification window that appears, make your changes and click Update. This window will then close, the new member will appear in the List and the message Record successfully updated will be displayed.

Users added to an issue distribution list will make the issue available on their issue lists, including dashboard and search results if it would otherwise not appear due to access limitations.