Organization User Defined Fields


These fields appear in your Organization records based on their activation by a System Administrator(s) in Administration > System > System Settings > User Defined > Organization. Once activated, corresponding values for these fields can be maintained by users with Can access and maintain Administration functions from Organizations > User Defined Fields.


If Use is checked next to one of these fields, the field will appear in your Organization records with the label you define.

Table Driven fields are fields with Administrator defined selectable values. Once activated, a User Defined menu option will appear in the Administration menu. From this menu, the corresponding tables can be populated with appropriate values. Text Fields are fields with no pre-determined values. These fields will appear as free fields in Organization records. Date Fields will require a date value which can be entered or selected from a popup calendar in an Organization record.

The Label defined on this screen will be used throughout Issuetrak when referring to the User Defined Fields you create.

Applies To:

Issuetrak 9.9+