Organization Site Colors


You can select unique site colors for each organization. These colors will appear throughout the system after a member user has logged in. If site colors are not specified for a particular organization, the colors specified in your system settings will be used.

Pre-defined Color Themes can be defined by the system administrator(s) in Administration > System > System Colors > Color Themes. Once specified, these color themes will be available to organization administrators or users with the Can access and maintain administration functions in the Color Theme drop down when maintaining site colors for an organization. Additionally, you can select specific colors without creating a theme.

Applying Site Colors
Site Colors for a particular organization can only be added or maintained from the Edit Organization sub-menu after an organization has been added.


Navigate to Administration > Organizations.


Click edit next to the appropriate organization from the Organization List displayed.


Select Site Colors from the sub-menu displayed on the left once you have selected the appropriate organization.


To apply an existing color theme or create and apply a new theme from an existing theme, select the theme. The color settings for the selected theme will the appear.


Define new color settings for any specific interface items.


Click the color box next to the item.


Select the new color for this item in the Select Color popup window that opens.


Click Use Color. The Select Color popup will close and a preview will display to the right in the section you have modified.


Repeat steps 3 through 8 for all other items you want to modify.


Click Preview Colors to view how the interface color scheme will appear once a member user has logged in.


Click Apply Colors

The message Organization Colors successfully updated will display upon completion.