Defining User Defined Fields for Issues


The User Defined Fields – Issue Record screen allows User Defined values to be specified as types:

  • Text
  • Large Text
  • List (Table Driven)
  • Date
  • Decimal
  • Integer
  • Yes/No

Once created, any fields will be available to be included on any custom screen. Fields are automatically included on the Issuetrak Screen, but must be manually included on any other created screens. Only users with the Can view and enter content in Private Optional Fields permission will be able to view and maintain fields with Private selected.



Navigate to Administration > System > System Settings > User Defined Fields > Issue Fields.


Click Add New UDF and then select the type of field from the dropdown list.


Give the field a name in the Display Name field and check the Private box if necessary.


(Optional) For Text, Decimal and Integer fields, define how wide you want the box to appear on the screen. Sizes range from Tiny – 75px to 5XL – 700px. If not adjusted, the default of XL – 300px will apply.


Click Add UDF, and the popup window will disappear and your field will appear on the list, organized by type.


For any List (Table Driven) fields, the values to appear in the drop down selection list need to be defined. Click on edit by the appropriate field and for the List Data section, click add new and enter the Display Name and Display Order for each dropdown value. Click Add Item to save the value.


Continue to add additional values by clicking add new and once all values are defined, click Update.