About the System Settings Submenu


System Settings control all other defaults and configuration options available in your site. Only Agents with the Sys Admin permission can manage System Settings options within your system.

System Settings includes the following sub-sections:

System Defaults

  • Site name, server time zone, dashboard reload rate, issue priority default, date format, display name format, etc.

Mobile Settings

  • Issuetrak Mobile issue screen and general settings

Site Appearance

  • Site title, logos, logo URLs, home screen, Agent and login screen messages, etc.

Email Settings

  • Outgoing email capabilities and defaults such as sender address and name, email server, email format, etc.

Password Policy

  • Password-related options and defaults such as Self Service Password Reset, required format/length, etc.


  • Attachments, custom screen default, departments, global issues, incoming email, issue auditing, classes, knowledge base, projects, etc.

Optional Fields

  • Tasks, solutions, substatus and subtypes, etc.

User Defined Fields

  • Custom fields for issue, organization and user records

Menu Options

  • Custom menu links that display in the Home Menu


  • A series of security options that can improve or reduce security based on security preferences and the desired user experience.