My Issues


My Issues is a submenu option that opens a series of tabs that will:

  • Link to the Global Issues list
  • Display Issues that you play a role in with a tab for each role
  • A tab for your Reports

This screen will automatically refresh based on your system settings, or you can manually click the Refresh Results! link (which can be identified as a square icon with two arrows forming an open circle) at any time.

The Global Issues tab displays a list of current Issues that have been identified as problems and/or topics that already have or may result in related and/or similar Issues before they are closed. If you are having the same problem and/or need to submit an Issue related to the topic, you may use the Submit link next to a Global Issue to have your new Issue automatically “linked” to the parent Global Issue.


The next several tabs show the number of open Issues based on your role on the Issue. Next to your role is the number of open Issues; however, in the case of the Task Assignee/Task Available roles, the number displayed is the number of individual Tasks assigned to you/available to be completed, not the number of Issues. For example, if you close a Task by completing it or confirming/denying it, it will no longer appear in this outline.


You may click on any tab to open a detailed list. From the detailed list, you may click on an Issue subject or number to open the View Issue screen and access any options available to you within the Issue.

The Reports tab displays shortcuts to any Saved Searches or Reports you have created, as well as any Saved Searches or Reports that are “shared” with you.